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Solar Cell Products
Our Solar Cell is a revolutionary new product offering that addresses the diverse needs and applications of the growing low power solar energy market. This technology development is based on our strength in photovoltaic silicon processing and IC packaging. The Solar Cell product family offers open circuit voltage levels of 4V and 8V when activated by natural or artificial light. These voltage levels correlate to common circuit board power supply voltages making the solar cell ideal for battery charging applications and trickle charge power sources. Standard JEDEC SOIC package styles make these Solar Cell products ideal for prototype and large production usage.

The CPC1822 is one of the first members of our Solar Cell product family. It produces a floating source open-circuit potential of 4V and a short-circuit current output of 50μA to provide a true wireless power source.

Our flexible Solar Cell architecture facilitates product family growth by means of it’s scalable technology thus paving the way for future solar cell offerings with different voltage and current ratings. Additionally, since there is excellent isolation between the various circuit elements on the Solar Cell’s photovoltaic die, it is possible to add options such as power management or logic control circuitry with minimal incremental cost to the product.

Clare Solar Cells
• Select from multiple voltage and current outputs
• 4V & 8V output
• 25µA - 100µA current output
• Provides true wireless power
• Triggers with natural sunlight or artificial light
• Semiconductor miniature size and reliability
• Replacement of Discrete Components

• Portable Electronics
• Solar Battery Chargers
• Battery Operated Equipment
• Consumer Electronics
• Off Grid Installation
• Wireless Sensors and Detection
• Self Powered Sunlight/ Light Detection
• Self Powered Products
• Remote Installation

   Specifications for Solar Cells
 Part Number
Data Sheet
Open Circuit Voltage (V) Short Circuit Current (µA) SOIC Package  
 CPC1822 3 4 50 8-Pin  
 CPC1824 4 4 100 16-Pin  
 CPC1831 3 8 25 8-Pin  
 CPC1832 4 8 50 16-Pin  
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