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July 2017 - Add new devices: CPC1511Y, CPC1705Y, IX4340, and NCD2400M; delete obsolete devices: CPC1964G, CPC1964Y, CPC2400E, and CPC75282.

April 2017 - Update catalog contents

December 2016 - Add new device CPC2907B dual power relay

September 2016 - Add new devices: CPC1966BX8 and CPC1966YX8

August 2016 - Add CPC1010N, update CPC3730

June 2016 - Add new device: NCD1015M

May 2016 - Content update

March 2016 - Add three new devices: IX2120, NCD1015ZP, and PLB171

December 2015 - Minor text corrections

November 2015 - Update Product Catalog

October 2015 - Announcing the new IXYS Integrated Circuits Division Product Catalog including new parts, internal interactive links, and links to web pages

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